April 5th, 2013

Ahhh….spring!  I THINK it has finally arrived in Cincinnati.  The sun seems to be shining, the temps are into the 60′s and everyone seems to be coming out of hibernation.  We’re booking events left and right and I’m excited to get rockin’ out there every day.  

Spring has also brought us the Reds back to GABP, popsicles at Streetpops, monthly food truck invasions in Covington, The City Flea, our new favorite restaurant Sotto, another new class of Bad Girls taking over our city and kids running around Washington Park – we love it!  Time to put the sweaters away, pull that C’est Cheese t-shirt out of the drawer and come see us!

We’re adding new events to our calendar weekly so make sure to check back regularly.  Don’t forget our Facebook page – we post there daily as well!  

Happy Spring!

March 28th, 2013

I had a really cool opportunity this week to speak at the Federal Courthouse during their monthly diversity event.  This month focused on women entrepreneurs and I shared the panel with 2 very successful and kind women.  The judge moderating the event asked us to talk about our backgrounds and what made us start our own business.  

My story is fairly straight forward:  Receive ‘lay off’ call from boss while she’s in the car, get a crappy severance package, throw blackberry into Lake Michigan, breathe sigh of relief, have cocktails with girlfriends.  Typical, right?  I guess it was the 30 days leading up to that call that weren’t so typical:  Mysterious leak in bedroom closet (ahh, the joys of living in a highrise), agonizing pain in thumb that turned out to be a tumor (benign thank god), quick 5 days in Spain during which time I was robbed (adios purse, passport, camera, iphone & wallet) & my washing machine leaked ruining my hardwood floors and damaging 2 units below me.  Yep, you can’t make this stuff up.  At that time, Operation “Lady of Leisure” was born and I officially took the summer to off to do absolutely nothing!

That summer gave me time to regroup, reevaluate, and work on a really great tan.  Hey, it was summer in Chicago and we have great beaches!  I wasn’t sure where things would take me, but I knew it wouldn’t be for someone else.  The days of overwhelming inboxes, back to back meetings and the politics of corporate america were officially behind me.  I toyed with the idea of opening a coffee & wine bar in Chicago but ultimately knew deep down that it was time to come back to Cincinnati after 15+ years away.  Boston & Chicago were great places to live and I had developed some amazing relationships, but my ichat-only relationship with my new nephew wasn’t going to cut it and it was time to come home.  

I didn’t give the drawn out version above to the room full of judges & lawyers at the event, but I have been reflecting on it this week and thought it would be fun to share with you guys.  I’m asked all of the time on the bus about how I got into this business and it really boils down to this:  Life is too short.  If you’re not doing something you love, then you should do something else.  My days can be long, crazy, hectic, stressful, back breaking and really really hot in the summer.  But ya know what….I love it & wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Besides, what company is going to give me a business card that reads ‘Big Cheese’ as my title.

March 21st, 2013

Anyone who knows me will quickly tell you that I’m never at a loss for words.  It’s true, I like to talk.  I like to get to know people and I like to share things, maybe too much sometimes!  But when it comes to writing a blog, I seem to be second guessing myself.  It’s not like there aren’t 1,000 things to write about – I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger.

My dear friend Melissa has always told me that my life should be a sitcom.  The stuff that happens to me seems to be a comedy of errors and I’ve always taken to humor to recount these crazy scenarios.  From bad dates, funny encounters at customs to of course being the sole owner of a food truck.  Just this week alone I was trapped in the bus when the electric doors wouldn’t open and then there was the incident known as ‘the explosion’.  That’s right, the explosion. (see facebook for pictures!).

The absolute best part of owning a food truck for me is getting to know all of you who come to the window.  I try my hardest to remember names & what sandwiches you like and in turn you have shown me so much love and support on Twitter, Facebook and of course by returning again and again for the CheesyGoodness.

So no more second guessing myself.  From here on out I’ll do my best to share the good, the bad and the really funny with all of you.  The other star of course is Blanche (our bus) and she will definitely be making an appearance here, especially as we go through the process of repairing her from ‘the explosion’.  Have a great rest of your day and thanks for taking this crazy fun ride with me!!

January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year!  For a lot of us it means resolutions, longer lines at the gym & writing the wrong year on our checks for at least the next month.  While we’re guilty of all of that in our personal life, for C’est Cheese the new year means something bigger.  We’re not even at the half way mark in our first year in business but we’re ready to step things up and take advantage of the new calendar to implement some things that are important to us.

We’re all about having fun & bringing the cheesy goodness to the masses, but we also want to start having a bigger impact on our community.  Each month we’ll be working with a different organization to bring awareness of the great work they’re doing and help support their cause.  We also have more contests, trivia, this blog and some fun surprises planned for the year.  

We’ll leave this first post short by saying happy & healthy new year to you, stay tuned, thanks for your continued support and of course, we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride! 

December 4th, 2012

Welcome to the C’est Cheese Blog.  Your guide to all cheesiness.  Please check back for updates often so you can continue to follow us to goodness.